2006 Chevy Suburban For Sale

SOLD - Sorry 

2006 Chevy Suburban for Sale

 Year: 2006

Model: Chevrolet Suburban LT, 5.3 Liter, dual fuel (E-85 and Unleaded)

Drive: 4 Wheel Drive 

Miles: 216,000

VIN: 1GNFK16Z16J168059

Location: Winona Lake, Indiana 

Price: $3,999.00 (Well below Blue Book Price). Reasonable offers entertained. 

Reason for Selling:  I bought a used 2013 Yukon Denali 

Contact Info:

Jim Hill, cell (call or text) 574-527-4669  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Overall Condition:

This 2006 Suburban is in overall good condition. Mechanically the truck is in excellent condition, has great oil pressure and no known issues as of today. I used the truck mostly for long trips to ski mountains and back and forth to sunny Florida (I hate winter but love the snow, make sense?). The paint isn't perfect, the quarter panel was repainted and doesn't match perfectly.   There is some surface rust on both rocker panels. This truck has served me well and I am hopeful that it will serve the new owner for many more years. The realistic fuel economy on the highway is in the range of 17 mpg, but much less around town. There is computer that shows the long term mileage.

Would Make a Great Truck for Towing, A Second Vehicle, or First Car for A Teenager

The truck would be a great second vehicle, one just for towing, or a new one for the new teenage driver.  The truck includes the trailer towing package with the wiring harness for trailer brakes. 

Ready for Mountains and Snow, New Tires and Tire Chains Included

Ready for a trip to Colorado? The truck is ready to go with new Michelin Tires and new tire chains (never used) included.  It has a limited slip differential that works. all the 4 wheel drive works well. 

Features and Options:

This LS model is loaded, there are almost too many things to list and I am sure that I have forgotten some. Everything works as of today.

  • Bose radio package with 6 disk CD changer. DVD player in back seat. 
  • Power moon roof
  • Long range fuel tank, gives about a 500 mile range on the highway
  • Limited slip differential (I replaced it so it works great)
  • Cold Air conditioning (works well, new compressor), both front and rear (rear seat controls) 
  • Rear AC and heat 
  • DVD player with wireless three headsets (works very well). 
  • Rear auxiliary heat and A/C with separate controls 
  • Rear seat stereo controls
  • Leather seats, quad buckets, third row bench seat. Driver's front seat has a small tear that was repaired. 
  • XM Radio and 6 disk CD changer (built in), Factory Bose radio upgrade option, AM/FM.  
  • Power front seats with memory 
  • Heated front seats
  • Heated outside mirrors and rear window defogger
  • Auto dimming rear view mirror
  • Power folding outside mirrors (press the mirror control button when the control is placed in the center position)
  • Avital remote start system (new) 
  • Costar Bluetooth sync for smart phone, works through the Onstar system controls on steering wheel and mirror
  • Automatic headlamp controls 
  • Rear quad seat folds to allow access to the third row bench seat
  • Trip computer, electronic tire pressure gauge on dash.
  • Parking assist can be enabled, tips mirrors down while in reverse (I have it off). 
  • Multiple 12 volt plugs including one in the very back cargo area. 
  • Anti-lock brakes, new rear brakes (rotors, pads), see full maintenance history below. 
  • Newer alternator, water pump, radiator, front wheel hubs, recent rear axle gears and bearings.

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Recent Maintenance Record:

 I am a novice mechanic. Some of this I did just as preventative actions. Bottom line, the truck is mechanically sound. 

Major Maintenance, Description Date and Miles

7/2/2014 Replaced left front wheel hub assembly, left front CV shaft assembly. 110,000 miles. The hub was $60 and the CV joint $120. No core charges.

7/2014 R&R right front airbag sensor.

12/6/2014 Replace front right wheel bearing (hub and sensor) assembly. Showing code C0455 Steering Wheel Angle Sensor Performance. Replaced the steering wheel clockspring sensor in wheel. 

3/2015 At R&G: replaced rear axle center case limited slip, left rear axle, both axle seals, differential bearings, left rear ABS sensor, left rear ABS ring in axle, added limited slip additive, steering wheel velocity sensor (on column, I bought, they installed). All working fine now.

5/3/2015 Replaced rear pinion seal and lubricant, limited slip variety.

3/31/2016 Replace rear u-joint, differential bearings, pinion seal and bearing, rear axle cover (was rusted).

8/14/2016 R/R water pump, FEAD belt, fixed idler pulley (not tensioner). The pump was leaking coolant.

2/15/2017 Replaced AC tensioner and pulley assembly preventative maintenance PM.

8/18/2017 180,300 miles. Replace LH front hub and sensor assy. Replaced RH front ABS sensor with one removed from the left. This was to resolve and ABS issue and not about the bearing.

5/2/2018 Remove and replace A/C compressor, and receiver dryer. Did not replace the orifice. The compressor came with what they said was 1.2 oz of oil. Added 4 ounces of oil to the accumulator as I think the system was low and that was why the pump went bad. Evac and fill.

6/27/2018 194,067 miles. R&R fuel pump assy, transfer case output shaft seal, u-joint assy rear u-joint, a/c compressor drive belt.

7/6/2018 Had Monteith Tire do: R&R fuel pump, transfer case drive shaft deal, u-joint on front driveshaft.

7/21/2018 195,000 miles. R&R front brake pads, rear brake pads.

9/1/2018 R&R front left and right wheel hub / sensor assemblies due to anti-lock brake issues.

12/1/2018 203,900 miles R/R alternator (preventative maintenance), rear wiper motor (wasn’t bad), instead I had to fix a broken wire in lift gate connector Repaired broken connector on rear defogger.

12/1/2018 Replaced Avital remote start module, got two new remotes. The remotes were going bad and it was easier to just replace the whole unit. To remote start the vehicle just hold down the (*) key for two seconds.

2/16/2019 211,000 miles. Replace left and right rear brake drums, pads, calipers, and parking brake bands.

2/17/2019 Installed CoStar Hands Free Bluetooth sync unit for hands free use of phone. To sync, start the truck, turn phone to Bluetooth sync mode, then enter the sync code 0000. To answer calls just use the steering wheel controls.

4/4/2019 Replaced radiator, water pump, thermostat, heater core hose with quick connector, new anti-freeze. What happened was that when the heater hose broke the water pump ran dry and this ruined the water pump that was replaced in 2016. Radiator was good but replaced it just to be safe as it was likely the original unit.

4/10/2019 Replaced arch area on right rear quarter panel due to rust.


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